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Social Network Wars: Why Twitter is a Lot More Interesting than Facebook

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Social networking sites are the online go-to places of the people (most especially the youth) nowadays. There are different and numerous sites specifically created to satisfy your interests and needs but really, living a social life online just boils down to two sites – Facebook and Twitter.

Based on my observation and what surveys say, these two social networking sites are the most popular ones among their generation. Let’s face it, these two sites have become a habit that is hard to break. When you wake up, what is the first thing you do? You check your emails?


You log in to your Facebook account.

And for the others, we check our Twitter feeds.

I like Facebook a lot. But I just had to say it: I love Twitter.

You ask why? I have come up with a list that summarizes why I am in love with the site with a little blue bird.


1. Twitter is not your usual run-of-the-mill site with trivial content.

Kevin Thau, Twitter’s VP for business and corporate development, announced during a presentation at the Nokia World last 2010 that Twitter is not actually a social network. He said, “Twitter is for news. Twitter is for content. Twitter is for information.”

What do we see in Facebook?

Rants, complaints and selfies of our online friends.

There are those times when we do see useful information on our feeds. But the process of finding them is just so tedious. That’s where the hashtags become useful. In Twitter, you can search for anything you want to learn or know about – it’s there. I know that Facebook has incorporated a hashtag feature, too, but it’s just not working.

And let’s face it: most of the reporters, politicians, news anchors, leaders and movers of our generation are on Twitter. It is so easy to just follow them and learn so much from them on a daily basis.


2. You get firsthand information about everything.


All of the breaking news I have known about ever since Twitter was created, I learned them all from Twitter.

As I have mentioned earlier, the most influential people are on Twitter. There are times when traditional media (TV, radio and print) ?haven’t heard about a news item yet but people are buzzing about it on Twitter. This has happened several times. It is true when people say that word of mouth is still the fastest way to spread information.


3. You get to hear educated opinions from regular people.

Thanks to hashtags, you get to see what people from all over the world have to say about a certain matter.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the most intelligent people I know are on Twitter.

If you have something to say, tweet it.?Maybe the world needs to hear you.


4. No more lengthy messages. Twitter is precise.


Twitter teaches everyone to be straight to the point with its 140-character-per-tweet feature.

I like people who can actually say witty lines that only have 140 characters each and Twitter shows exactly who these people are.


5. Twitter is great for connecting with people.

There are no games, apps and groups on Twitter. All you can do is tweet and send messages to each other. This allows users to interact more with their online friends or people they follow. Twitter is where most catch-up conversations happen. It’s just a great site to talk to people in.


6. You get to be creative with Twitter usernames.

This is definitely my favorite part. If you want to be anonymous and use that superhero name you’ve been wanting to use for so long, here’s the chance! Sign up for Twitter!


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