Social Media Ethics: How to Behave Professionally Online

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Not too long ago, a resume and an interview could get you a job. ?Now, employers tend to look at potential employees? social media accounts to see if they actually qualify for a job.


Seems shallow, but it is true. Everything you upload or post on the internet stays there forever, as experts always say. One photo or one post can either make or break you.

So how should one behave on social media?

  • Do not post photos, posts or videos that look unprofessional. There are times when we?ve had one too many drinks on a Friday night. These things happen. But do not post these moments on Facebook. Not everyone is interested and not everyone would be pleased to see you looking drunk on their timelines. This is not one bit professional. Tell your friends beforehand to not tag you in indecent pictures. Or better, just don?t take pictures instead.


  • Never use foul language or curse words. ?This is one of the fastest ways to diminish your reputation online. Always be careful of what you say or post.
  • Avoid sharing emotional posts. Aside from every single one of your friends knowing what is going on in your life right now, it just makes you look weak. Employers want their employees confident and assertive. You certainly would not look that way if your status on Facebook says a lot about your anger with your past relationships.


  • Never talk about work online. Tweets like ?I am so bored at the office? or ?I hate my boss!? do not make you look professional at all. If you have problems, deal with them in the office.
  • Be grammatically impeccable. If you want to be taken seriously, make sure everything you write is not just witty but correct. Read your comments and see if they are void of typos and lapses.
  • Share useful information. Post links where people will actually learn from. This shows that you have varied interests and that you are opinionated.
  • Hide friends? comments that seem inappropriate. Of course, you can only do this if they posted on your posts. Be wary of people?s comments. Remain professional online. Do not associate yourself with unprofessional comments.
  • Avoid participating in conflicts online. Steer away from angry posts or controversial conversation. It?s basic etiquette. Just don?t add fuel to the flame.
  • Only add or follow people you personally know. Consider if you want a separate account for personal and professional friends.


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