Social Media Do’s and Don’ts

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When it comes to social media, there are also rules about ?socializing? with people. Some forget that although it is an online platform where the people you interact with don?t see you, they are still human beings that need to be respected. Cyber crimes are so rampant nowadays, but in another perspective, there are also so many victims of online abuse and cyber bullying.

These are a few tips to remind us of the etiquette we must practice online:



  • Be respectful.

Even if you are cheering for the other team on an NBA match, do not post a nasty comment on a friend?s status. Social media allows you to interact with people you personally know and don?t so even though you?re miles apart from each other, learn to respect other people?s opinions and values. Don?t force your viewpoints on a disrespectful manner.

  • Share useful information.

Pass on all the information and resources you know to other people. ?What you know might help other people who are having trouble about those. This will not only make you seem like an intelligent and interesting person, but it will also gain you new friends. Friendship is best gained over sharing and helping.


  • Be honest.

Don?t pretend to be someone you?re not. And I?m not talking about just simply being a poser. Don?t post anything that you would simply post just to impress other people. Remember, a lie will multiply into a whole other web of lies. You?re not just lying to your online peers; you?re lying to yourself.

  • Be a relationship builder.

Use social media to interact more with people you care about. Don?t spend all your time and effort into an online game. Instead, why don?t you try sending a message to a friend you haven?t seen in a while?




  • Don?t be inappropriate.

Sure, you can post anything you want on your account; it?s yours anyway. But remember that what gets posted online stays online. The second you upload that nude photo of you, thousands of people have access to it and can even reproduce a copy of it, if you?re not careful.

Another thing to avoid is posting inappropriate statuses that attack a certain person. Don?t do it. It?s not worth the time and the Newsfeed space. Just talk to the person right away. Your online followers don?t need to know your personal problems.


  • Don?t be rude.

Don?t ask people to like your photos for no apparent reason. Don?t send private messages to sell products or invite people to your latest event after you?ve just added them. Don?t post inappropriate comments on other people?s posts. Be considerate.

  • Don?t deceive people.

If you?re going to purchase something online, be truthful about it. A lot of people have been complaining about thieves who purchase from their online shops and don?t pay.

Don?t pose as someone you?re not. You may not look the way you want to but creating an account with pictures of a person who is definitely not you will only make things worse. Don?t be the next star of the MTV show Catfish.

  • Don?t type in CAPITAL LETTERS.

We?ll think you?re screaming or mad at the person you?re tweeting.

  • Don?t tag people in photos or posts that are not relevant to them.

Seriously, this is a problem we see everyday. You?re trying to get their attention the wrong way. On Twitter, we see random people tweeting links to other people (mostly people they don?t know) for a product they?re selling. That?s wrong. It?s just plain rude.


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