Sobrr: The ‘Almost Human’ App That Lets You Live Life in the Moment

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A ?new social networking app called Sobrr promises one of reality?s fundamental possessions, forgetting.

CEO Bruce Yang shared Sobrr?s story on Youtube?and told that?they themselves (Sobrr team) were the inspiration of their work when they literally got drunk and wasted after a Vegas Bachelor Party and their initial reaction was to remove every trace of embarrassment in their social networking accounts like Facebook and Twitter. ?This gave him the idea of ?enjoying life in the moment? without regretting it afterwards.

The Sobrr team revolutionized the traditional approach of today?s social networking apps and some from the team have their takes why they were inspired to create Sobrr. Everything expires after, be it pictures, messages or as Graphic Designer, Grant Lin exclaimed, ?friendship?. Through their 24 hours friendship feature, users have the control on whether to pursue or not to pursue friendships with other people. Yang Zhao, the Director of Product Design, designs the app to be the most human social networking app because it works close to real-life human interaction. Vivian Xu, Co-Founder of Sobrr, supports ?the freedom of people to post without having their shared activities recorded by other people?s systems.The team is composed of former LinkedIn and Twitter employees and some students and alumni from UC Berkeley.

Sobrr is trying to save us from being fake, vague and unreal. Sobrr does not restrict us?to reveal the real us?and to do what we want to do everyday. Sobrr will give us real life through social media. This app is very timely as they are addressing one of the world?s inflating problems in social networking apps,?Cyber-bullying. This may be a thing of the past, thanks to this creative and intuitive app that is coming to us very soon.

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