So Who’s This Todd Murchison Anyways?

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I just read an article on a blog on This guy was ranting about how his technical guru friend, Todd Murchason, was urging him to get a PS3. He made a lot of good points on why the PS3 is a great system, but in contrast, his comments about the Xbox 360 proved that he’s nothing but a fanboy with no knowledge of the the video game world as a whole. Here’s one paragraph from his statement to prove my theory:

As for games, well, they are awesome. I can really only recommend the Xbox 360 if you are a beer guzzling frat-boy who is exclusively interested in playing FPS (first-person shooter) games. If, on the other hand, you are interested in a wider range of games (including FPS), curious about the creative odd-ball games that come out of Japan, or purely interested in the absolute cutting edge, then the PS3 is the way to go.

Hey Todd, drinking beer and being in college have nothing to do with game tastes. Have you ever heard of Beautiful Katamari? Well if you had any knowledge of video games, you would realize that this is one of those odd-ball Japanese games that you love so much. This game is currently available on the Xbox 360. The PS3 has FPS, racing, sports and a few 3D action games; just like the 360.

While the 360 doesn’t have a built in wireless option, you can purchase it separately. Not everyone has wireless networking you know. Imagine buying a bookshelf with no books to put in it and no plans to have any books in the near future. It would be a waste of money and space. While the wireless networking on the PS3 is convenient, if you don’t have wireless networking you’d probably wonder why you paid for it if you were an early adopter of the PS3.

If you want more odd-ball games for the 360, you might try Xbox Live Arcade. They have a ton of them. They also have plenty of 3D action, sports and racing games available. You’ll see nothing like Gears Of War on the Playstation 3 and it’s a 3rd person shooter. Ace Combat 6, that Japanese made flight simulator, is on the 360 too. How many flight sims are on the Playstation 3 Todd? None. Do your homework before you babble amongst millions of people on the internet.

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