So Far, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Is Earning Rave Reviews

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The ?Guardians of the Galaxy? is another movie coming off the woodworks of Marvel?s movie factory. It features five misfits who have to band together for the sake of the galaxy, or else they risk dooming entire existence as they know it, a usual plot for these kinds of movies. It also features the debut of characters like Groot and Rocket Raccoon on the big screen, and fans of the series wanted to see how that would fare against all other Marvel movies.

So far, the release of the movie for the whole world to see is in the works, but there are a lucky few who have managed to see the movie. And what are the verdicts of these people? Suffice to say, if you thought it was going to be terrible, it?s not, and if you?re not jealous, well, you should be.

Reviews coming from the sphere of the Twitter verse all have a consensus that ?Guardians of the Galaxy? is one movie that people shouldn?t miss. At least, that?s what some of the critics have said. It was so well-made, they thought, it should top off this year?s last well-reviewed Marvel title, ?Captain America: The Winter Soldier?.

There were quite a lot of tweets, but some of them focused on the movie?s rich and balanced mix of comedy, action, and the character Groot. Another tweet praised James Gunn for his treatment of the movie, saying that it was packed with all the right elements to make it a classic. Another even placed the movie over ?The Winter Soldier? as Marvel?s best movie to date.

Why was it viewed as such? Maybe, for the same reason that ?The Winter Soldier? was viewed to be a movie as good as advertised. ?Guardians of the Galaxy? may have captured the audience?s attention with a healthy mix of action, comedy, and moments that didn?t bore them. In a way, it wasn?t treated as a superhero movie through and through. Most of the characters seemed to have been written well, with each character presenting his or her story in the movie well, and being able to stand alone on their own, they were applauded really well.

The most talked about characters were Groot and Rocket Raccoon. While in the comic universe, these two might?ve been used for comic relief and novelty, in the movie, they weren?t used any differently. But it was because of their treatment that the movie succeeded. They were almost as much entertaining as any famous duo. To put it succinctly, they were like salt and pepper, sugar and spice, and they were, of course, everything nice.

One critic even voiced out his opinion that he couldn?t wait for Guardians 2 if only for the fact that the characters were well fleshed out. Still, not everything is all rainbows and ice cream. One of the critics managed to see flaws in the movie, saying that maybe it wasn?t supposed to merit a Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and that it wasn?t any better than the sequels of Iron Man and Thor.

However, one reaction does not a movie make. This movie managed to elicit positive response from critics, and you should see for yourself if they were right. Wait for the release of the movie in August this year.

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