Snow Totals Update: 10 US Cities With Highest Snow Dump

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Now that the storm is over, it is time to count snow totals across the East Coast. The recent snowstorm in the US has hampered transportations, caused power cuts, closures and serious flooding in coastal areas, while cities were dumped with record snow totals due to the blizzard. Here are the top 10 cities with the highest snow dump, according to NBC Philadelphia:

  1. 42 inches in Glengary
  2. 39 inches in Philomont
  3. 33.5 inches in Frederick
  4. 31.9 inches in Allentown, the highest total ever for the city
  5. 31.9 inches in Lehigh Valley Int’l Airport
  6. 30.4 inches in Bushkill
  7. 29.2 inches at Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport
  8. 28.2 inches in Roselle Park, N.J
  9. 28.1 inches at Newark Liberty International Airport
  10. 28.1 inches in Malvern

By early afternoon, the blizzard spread the snow in Washington. Six people had died in car crashes across Arkansas, Tennessee and Kentucky, according to Reuters. More than 85 million people in nearly 20 states were alarmed with the winter weather warning. Residents living across the East Coast were dependent on supplies. ?

Washington’s snowfall could be disastrous than the “Snowmageddon” storm of 2010 that dropped 17.8 inches (45.2 cm), AccuWeather senior meteorologist Alex Sosnowski said.

“I think it?s going to be a nightmare, the rates of snow we?re talking about,” said Marisa Kritikson, 27, a George Washington University nursing student who bought a snow shovel to dig out from her basement apartment.

It was the second biggest storm in New York history. Despite near record accumulations, New York region suffered a relatively little damage. Nearly 29 deaths were reported due to the storm and power cuts prevailed with serious floods across the coast, according to New York Times.

Visitors who had planned their trip to the Central Park Zoo on Sunday found it closed due to the terrible weather conditions. They were seen peeping through the fence to see the sea lions enjoying in their pool.

?They look really happy,? said Steve Zeigler, 30, as he took photographs. ?I guess they?re in their element.?

The Smithsonian National Zoo also released a video of an 18-year-old panda named Tian Tian who was seen enjoying the snow.The zoo keepers said Tian Tian got excited upon finding snow when he woke up.

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