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SNK Mobile Game For iOS And Android Reveals Character From Fatal Fury And King Of Fighter

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The team from Nintendo has invaded our mobile devices with Super Mario Run. There seems to be another big named company joining the mobile genre. SNK is targeting to release an SNK mobile game before this year ends.

There is an upcoming project from the SNK team that is reported to be released by spring of this year. Their website revealed that they are planning to launch an RPG style game to their audiences with this SNK mobile game.

We also saw a familiar face among the five characters shown on the site. He has been a playable character in “Fatal Fury” and “King of Fighters“. He is none other than “Tizoc”, or more famously known as “Griffon Mask”.

Only in this game, his costume color is green. This is only fitting since SNK also produced King of Fighters. It is also a good tie-in promotion for the upcoming King of Fighters 14 game.

The game will also feature several characters that the players can choose from. The said characters will be voiced to give more life to the protagonists and antagonists. In fact, they are currently hiring possible voice actors that can deliver and give justice for their game characters.

The website further showed picture of the above stated players that seem to have skills according to their profession or specialty. For example, the female heroine is holding three massive sized syringes. We could assume that she is a nurse, a doctor, or a student who is studying a course related to medicine.

The story is said to be more of an academic themed game. It will be further mixed with hero drama to make the storyline more interesting.

There is still no concrete title and release date for the SNK mobile game. But what we know so far is that the game will be available for both Android and iOS devices. Furthermore, it will be a free-to-play game with possible in-game purchases.

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So, for those who have been waiting for the SNK team to finally release an SNK mobile game, your time has come. Look forward to the new RPG surprise coming this year.

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