SNK Comes Back With A Vengeance

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Spent some time at SNK’s press area at the Prescott today. They have some amazing things coming down the pipes. You already know about the Arcade Classics: Volume 1, Samurai Shodown and World Heroes Anthologies. Well SNK dropped another bomb today; Metal Slug 7 for the Nintendo DS. If you ever needed a reason to own a DS, this game is it. More after the jump.

You should know that Metal Slug 7 is picture perfect on the DS. It flows as smooth as all the previous versions and even uses the stylus on the DS for scrolling the map on the second screen. It’s an absolute must have DS title for you SNK fans out there.


I played Samurai Shodown Anthology and found out that SS6 is actually included on the disc. All of the games are picture and sound perfect to their arcade cousins.

Samurai Shodown Edge Of Destiny and KOFXII were in trailer form on the big display. SS7 is basically SNK’s version of Soul Calibur. The game was very bloody and even had death scenes with decapitations and dismemberment. KOFXII is King Of Fighters with Super Street Fighter II HD graphics, 3rd Strike animation and Guilty Gear cel shading. It looks absolutely marvelous. Both of these games are being developed on Taito X2 arcade hardware because they will be released to the arcades long before we see console versions of the games. Thank you SNK for putting me back into the arcade!

That’s all for now. We will have video clips of the SS7 and KOFXII trailers shortly.

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