Sniper Elite 3 New DLC Pack Content Called ‘Save Churchill’ Revealed

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In the Sniper Elite III game, players have been provided with the chance to assassinate and kill Hitler. This has made the game a favorite, especially among history buffs. Now, there?s an update coming to the popular series.

Indie developer Rebellion has revealed that gamers will be allowed, this time, to prevent an assassination.

Gamers would have to save Winston Churchill. A video was just released by Rebellion for the latest DLC content pack for the third game instalment. The developer calls it ?Save Churchill.?

The series will come in three different parts. The first, which is entitled ?Save Churchill: Part 1 ? In Shadows,? will follow the game story of an assassination attempt on Churchill, and the timeline is just prior to the Casablanca Conference of 1943.

The DLC occurs just after the events of the game?s main campaign. It is set, favorably, in a familiar location ? North Africa. In the video, one of its missions, which contain a bombed-out and already-in-ruins coliseum, is claimed to be much larger than the environments in any of the Sniper Elite games.

Aside from the main content, the Indie developer has also included an Airstrip map. This is designed for the multiplayer version of the game. In addition to this, ?The Patriot Weapons Pack? is also featured in the game. The weapons package already includes an M3 Grease Gun, a Springfield Rifle, and an M1911 pistol.

For PC players, ?Save Churchill: Part 1 ? In Shadows? can now be obtained at ?Steam, fortunately for them. PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One players do not have to worry though: according to Rebellion, it will very soon release the game for them.

Futhermore, the developer also released information that the last two parts of the content pack will be made available later this summer. We all can?t wait to save Winston Churchill, so hopefully, there will be no delays.

Image Source: Rebellion

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