SNIPER ELITE 3: Mission 2 Walkthrough: GABEROUN Part 3

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Leave the area, head east, going up a small hill to a generator. Sabotage it and survey the area using your trusty binoculars. Tag all foes and wait for the generator to go haywire. Make sure to utilize the noise emmited by the generator to cover your shots efficiently. Pick them off one by one. Don?t forget to destroy all the trucks in the area. Once all soldiers are killed and the 5 trucks destroyed, you will complete the motorpool optional objective.

Next, head along the left side of the road as you move east. Two guards will be waiting near some parked vehicles. Take out both, make sure to avoid detection. I suggest you take a slow yet prudent approach. Observe their movements carefully then execute.

Just continue along the path, embracing the left side of the road, you will stumble on some ruins with a fire burning inside. You?ll know you’re in the right place once you spot a lone guard. Mangle him with the Welrod pistol.

Continue on, cross the road and work your way to the right side. A guard is standing next to a well behind a truck. Stealth kill the soldier and use your binoculars to tag enemies up the road. Take note of the machine gunner?s station. Go right and locate a second gunner. Go prone and sneak right, utilizing the truck as cover. Headshot the machine gunner, move towards his nest and take out the other sentry by the left.

Cross the road after you?re done, head towards the broken buildings on the left east side, you?ll find two guards up here. You can stealth assassinate both with ease.

Start tagging enemies, with you in the broken building (east side of the road). Eliminate all enemies including the final officer. Head towards the slain officer and search his lifeless carcass to complete the objective: eliminate and search the final officer

To complete the objective: ambush and kill the General before he leaves, plant a landmine or a dynamite in the middle of the road, backtrack to the sniper?s post in the broken building, hold your fire for now, wait for the halftrack to pass, when its close shoot the dynamite to initiate an explosion. Enjoy the carnage for a little while then proceed to the final marker, to complete the level securing the objective: exfiltrate undetected.

Congratulations you?ve completed the 2nd mission, this will reward you an achievement/trophy for beating the level.

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