SNIPER ELITE 3: Mission 2 Walkthrough: GABEROUN Part 2

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Once you emerge from the hole, immediately scan the area. You will see a guard on your left and another soldier in front of you. Take out the guard on your left first, then head back to the crawl space. Snipe the guard across the building; this will give you some breathing room.

After you pierce a hole in his skull, continue forward. Take the path to your right, the second officer with the intel is in the northeast side. Traverse the area using the bushes as cover, there?s a guard facing you, take him out silently using your Welrod or wait for him to walk pass by and melee attack him. A clean kill will give you a clear-cut advantage. Next, lob a grenade directly in front of the 2nd officer, this will also eliminate other soldiers within the area. Dispose any remaining guards and retrieve the Intel from the officer?s body.

Backtrack! Go back from where you came, head towards the road, move west. Take note of the three guards on the left, two near a fire on a platform. Use your welrod to take all three out. Then head west pass the fire, follow the path, turn left and assassinate a lone sentry.

Sabotage any nearby equipment in this area. Wait for the on-screen cue for you to open fire on the guard near the spotlight. Make sure to mask your shots with the ruckus. Same approach with the searchlight. Once you disable the searchlight, you will complete the optional objective. Turn your sights on the dilapidated buildings below, to the left of the tower. Take out the guards one by one to level the playing field. Remember to follow the noise prompt to camouflage your kill.

Once all are neutralized, immediately follow the path to the northwest side of your position, stealth kill the guard at the end of the junction. Drop down into the ruins and takedown other stragglers that you missed. When your coast is clear, head up to the rocks towards the tower that had the spotlight. The 3rd officer is located northeast, pacing around a tent. There are two guards inside the tent and another from the far side. You can eliminate them now or just sneak pass. Quietly, take out the officer and search his body to obtain the final intel. Once you complete the task, Optional objectives will be added: destroy the motorpool and another one that says: eliminate and search the final officer. Take note of those.

Remember the other guards in the area, we need to dispose of them. Take down all adversaries. Start with the guard outside, then go inside the tent and do the same. Shoot the other one with a well-placed headshot, and then kill the other stealthily.


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