SNIPER ELITE 3: Mission 2 Walkthrough: Gaberoun Part 1

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The level starts with you sneaking inside a highly fortified compound, swarming with nosy enemies. As soon as you take control of Karl, slink forward, and perform a stealth takedown on the guard. Take note of the whirring contraption, you will use that noise later to your advantage. Strategically, survey the area using your binoculars and tag your targets respectively. There?s a guard in the tower, east of your position, a patrolling sentry and an officer inside a tent.

  • Whip out your M1 Garand and zoom in on the guard in the tower, take him out first, make sure you time your shot with the blaring noise to conceal your activity.
  • Your second target is the sauntering guard, same approach, wait for him to stand still and pop him in the noggin.
  • Next, turn your sights to the officer in the tent wait for your shot to be muffled then smoke him. Head down the small path. Before you loot the officer?s corpse make sure to take down two patrolling soldiers in the area. One in the ruins near the officer’s tent, and another who will walk pass the fire.
  • Take out the soldier by the bonfire then the second one in the nearby ruins.
  • Lastly, find a soldier sitting in a wrecked building on the northeast side of the road. Dispatch him using the Welrod pistol, then go back to the tent and retrieve the intel from the fallen officer.

This will complete the objective: find information about the base.

Your next objective is to eliminate and search key officers for intel. There are three officers in total.

Continue on, following the main road; use your binoculars to scout the area. Turn your attention to the northwest side. There are two guards heading up the hills, take note of their pattern. Directly to the north of you, is another baddie wandering about. Perpendicular to his position, just above, is a sniper?s nest where another pesky guard is peering in. Tag him, then head up to the left side of the road and methodically kill the strolling guards. At some point they will split up, use that to your advantage.

After eliminating the nuisance, Take out the guard in the ruins, this is optional but if you want to play it safe, I suggest you take him out. Anyway, follow the path straight to the sniper?s nest and stealth kill the guard. Take out your binoculars and thoroughly survey the area.

Utilize the vantage point to tag as many enemies as possible including the officer in the tent. Take note, in order to complete the optional objective: eliminate the officer from the sniper nest, you have to enter the position accordingly using the prompt on the screen.

Carefully time your shot to take out the officer. Bear in mind that there are no diversions or noises that can mask your kill in this area. Therefore, make the bullet count. Snipe him in the temple. Slaying him will complete the objective: eliminate the officer from the sniper nest.

Relocate immediately to avoid detection. Backtrack down the path you came. Two guards will be patrolling the south region, one is situated near the officer in the tent, the other is roaming around. Furtively kill him and his buddy. Once all enemies are dealt with, search the officer?s body to obtain the classified intel. This is the first of three officers,that you need to dispose. Exit the tent and head towards the lake. Continue north to find a crawlspace, enter the hole and proceed to the next area.


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