Sniper Elite 3: How To Unlock The Secret Achievement And Trophy

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For those of you playing Sniper Elite 3 in either platform (XBOX 360, XBOX One, PS3 or PS4), check this one out!

There?s a secret achievement/trophy that you can unlock by performing a flawless testicle shot from a 100 meter radius. Ouch! I know it?s gross but think about the bragging rights. Your friends will turn green in envy. It sounds challenging in theory but it?s actually easy, you can complete it very early in the game.

  • In the beginning of the second mission entitled Gaberoun, head towards the guard standing in front of the red contraption, the one making all the blaring noise. Melee attack him from behind to conceal your movements.
  • Strategically, utilize your binoculars to exploit your enemy?s station, after you have thoroughly scouted the area, tag their positions respectively. There?s a soldier inside the tent, marked as your primary objective and another one surveying the grounds farther to the left.
  • Our man is the patrolling guard outside, forget about the other one. Go prone in the ridge or move farther back, carefully align your sights towards your target, make sure to activate the ?focus time? feature to steady your aim.
  • Wait for the ruckus to start before you shoot the sentry to efficiently mask your activity. Be patient, allow the reticule to shrink to perfectly time your shot, aim directly in the crotch or groin portion of your target.

If you manage to do it right, it will automatically render the slo-mo trajectory, showing you the exit wound in spectacular yet gruesome fashion. Your maimed enemy won?t be peeing anytime soon.

If you fail to execute the x-ray kill, restart the game and try again, it may take multiple attempts for those with wobbly wrists, but for First Person Shooter enthusiasts, it should be a walk in the park, they wouldn?t even break a sweat.

You can also do it in any section of the game as long as the target?s immobile or stationary.

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