Sniper Elite 3 Developer CEO: ‘Our games are loved more by the audience that plays them than they?re loved by the professional viewer’

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Developer Rebellion Games? latest Sniper Elite 3 has only been out on the market for a month and yet it has been on the spotlight for quite some time now. The game already received a lot of mixed reactions from the gaming community. But aside from all the criticism, no one can deny that the game is selling well. The game ?topped the U.K. charts a week ago.

Rebellion?s CEO and creative director Jason Kingsley sat down with Eurogamer and talked about his views of the game and the gaming industry.

?To a certain extent, our games are loved more by the audience that plays them than they?re loved by the professional viewer,? he said. Rebellion is well aware of their reputation in the industry. ?We seem to, if you look at some of the aggregation sites, do better with user reviews than we do with professional reviews,? Kingsley continued.

Kingsley says, ?We rest on the success, in terms of sales, of our games. I think in general the only real thing that matters is that we?re still here, we?re still a viable company which is quite an achievement.?

Rebellion, with 22 years experience in the gaming industry, is one of biggest remaining game developers in the U.K. that is fully independent. But the fact that the team of 100 people only worked 18 months to develop Sniper Elite 3 is remarkable indeed, while other big companies such as Ubisoft has a team of 600 working for 3 years in some of their titles.

Rebellion is recognized for making modern classics such as Rogue Warrior, Alien vs. Predator, and NeverDead.

Sniper Elite 3, a World War II-themed sniper game, is their latest installment of the Sniper Elite series that started in 2005. The game is infamous for its bloody and gruesome slow-mo sniping, when the guts and eyeballs pop-out of their bodies as the bullet hits. It was launched last May.

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