NES Classic Edition Success May Push SNES Classic Edition For 2017

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NES Classic Edition
NES Classic Edition

The NES Classic Edition was a big retailing hit this 2016. It immediately went sold out the moment it launched and all attempts to restock the retro console have all shared a similar story since then.

The NES Classic Edition has undeniably proven this 2016 that nostalgia definitely sells well. And we?re pretty sure knows as well now. With the massive success gained with the NES Classic Edition, there?s now a growing belief that the SNES Classic Edition may come out this upcoming 2017.

SNES Classic Edition

A Twitter bot made for sharing trademark applications had revealed something big last Christmas Eve. Nintendo has just filed new documents with regards to Nintendo?s SNES controller. ?

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The latest filed documents has gotten many people to speculate that Nintendo is planning to reveal a SNES Classic Edition for 2017.

The NES Classic Edition is was a big console during its time, but gamers who grew up on this classic console went on to play others after it. One particular console that had a strong following as well was the SNES. The SNES was essentially an upgraded version of the NES.

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Why It Could Happen

First off, with the NES Classic Edition?s recent success, and the fact that the SNES Classic Edition would most likely produce similar if not better results next year is clearly enough motivation for Nintendo to follow through on such a project. In addition, the majority of tech device predictions that have often turned out to be true have often come from hard working anonymous, people digging up big company?s latest patents. The SNES Classic Edition is starting to take on a similar story.

These are all speculations for now but we can?t help but hope that all this turns out to be true. What do you guys think? Will we be seeing a SNES Classic Edition next Christmas? Let us know in the comments section below!

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