Sneak Peek on the New Call of Duty Advanced Warfare’s Technology and Gadgets

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Fans can now view a sneak peek on the gadgets used in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The new trailer published by Activision is packed with all new advanced technology and gadgets that will blow your minds. Its release, is said to predominantly labeled as the ‘newest trailer that features new technology’.

Call of Duty:Advanced Warfare

The upcoming release of Shooter, features all the latest technology detailed by Glen Schofield. ?Sledgehammer is adding??a “Threat-Detection?Grenade” on the player?s collection of weapons. ?Its role is to detect enemies within the danger zone and puts a red warning indicating the vulnerability of the opposing team. This can also label enemies that are hiding.


The Blast Shield is another innovation which will ?protect? the player from his enemies. In the event that the player needs to shoot, a small window will simultaneously open for access.

The ?Directed Energy? weapons are said to guide the player in an unbroken ray of light for more accurate shooting. Hoverbikes and hovertanks are said to be another set of new gadgets that players can enjoy. They are intended to function on both land and water.

The Exoskeletons?are also gaining much attention as Sledgehammer added some Powersuits that literally help the player gain speed, control and strength.?The exoskeletons are said to have been designed in order to pack more power for the player. The Overdrive, a featured capability of the armor lets the player gain speed-sensitivity. The powerful exoskeletons enable the combatant to position a lethal system that needs minimal specialization.

As if binding the superpower of a team, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfares introduces state of the art weaponry and immunization. Their abilities include selection of either ‘high-tech next generation’ ammunition or settle for the standard ammunition.

These gadgets were not only made to carefully match the player’s performance, but also to address the demand for stronger and more powerful weaponry. ? These and a few more are said to enhance the release of the new trailer.

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