Snapdragon 835 Yield Still Low; Galaxy S8 Supply Might Get Affected

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Galaxy S8 supply might get affected by Snapdragon 835 production yield

In a few hours, Samsung will officially unveil the much awaited Galaxy S8. The next generation smartphone from Samsung is known to be sporting the newest Snapdragon 835 SoC from Qualcomm. While Samsung is quite optimistic with the sales figures for the said phone, some market researchers are expressing qualms about it.

According to The Korea Herald, Samsung is still having issues with production yields of its latest semiconductor fabrication node. The current 10nm FinFET process technology is proving to be a bit difficult to deal with, according to the report. That is why yield rates for both Snapdragon 835 and Exynos 8895 are still very low. Because of this, Samsung’s upcoming smartphone may be affected by the poor production of the said chip.

It is not unknown to many that the international version of the Samsung Galaxy S8 will have the Exynos 8895 chip. Meanwhile, Canada and North America will have Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835. While the two are said to be different, they also share some minor similarities. The most important of these similarities is the fact that they are both manufactured under the 10nm FinFET process.

Qualcomm stopped Samsung from selling its Exynos chip to other players

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This is not the first time it has been reported that Samsung is having some technical issues with the Snapdragon 835 and Exynos 8895. In fact, the same issue was reported last month by The Korea Herald, while also suggesting that TSMC is having issues with the 10nm node as well. Samsung has denied the initial claim and said that its production is going according to plans.

Rumor has it that Samsung considered moving the official release date of the Galaxy S8 by a week. Instead of the 21st of April, as rumored earlier, it was reported that Samsung is eyeing for a release a week after that. However, almost immediately after the aforementioned delay, a company insider has gone out and said that the release will still be on the 21st of April.

The Galaxy S8 will be officially unveiled in New York in the next few hours. For more updates on the Galaxy S8, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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