Snapdragon 821 vs A10 Fusion: Which One Is The Better Processor?

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Snapdragon 821 vs A10 Fusion

Perhaps one?of most highly anticipated mobile processor rivalry right now is?the?Snapdragon 821 vs?A10 Fusion. Both under the same ARM license, these two SoC processors power the advanced mobile devices of today.

The main difference between the two processors is basically exclusivity. The A10 Fusion chip is only used on Apple?s mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad. Meanwhile, the Snapdragon 821 is usable on pretty much all mobile devices running on Android.

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Apart from exclusivity, they both have different manufacturers. The Snapdragon 821 is manufactured and distributed by Qualcomm while the A10 Fusion is manufactured by TSMC for Apple. Even though both are under the same license from the British firm ARM, they offer extremely contrasting features.

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The main advantage of the A10 Fusion SoC over the Snapdragon 821 is that the former is used under one platform only. This gives it the ability to be tailor-fitted for application. Meaning, the designers can improve the efficiency of the chip based on its intended use. Features like processing power, energy efficiency, and performance can be improved much further when used under one platform only.

As for the Snapdragon 821, since it is featured on any new Android device, it needs to sacrifice performance in lieu of usability. It needs to be compatible across different manufacturers and different applications.

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On paper, the new A10 Fusion processor outperforms the Snapdragon 821. For example, taking a certain test bench as a frame of reference, one can see that the Snapdragon lags both in single- and multi-core processing. Test benches show that the A10 Fusion is at least 33 percent faster in single-core processing than the 821. However, on the multi-core processing, the 821 leads by a mere 7 percent.

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Even though on paper, the A10 Fusion chip looks better than a Snapdragon 821, it still boils down to preference. Users who choose one type of processor to the other often take performance into consideration. However, this is not always case as some people choose probability and usability as their main deciding factors.

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