Snapdragon 820 Processor: How It Will Improve Mobile Devices, Longer Battery Life, Better, Camera, And More

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Qualcomm has officially revealed the Snapdragon 820 recently, helping the next top-of-the-line flagship become better than it is today. A number of flagship phones might use the Snapdragon 820 processor so it will be helpful to know how this can improve the mobile device you might purchase in the future. For those who don?t know much about specs, there?s no mumbo jumbo stuff here so keep on reading to see some of the ways the processor will improve handsets.

Longer Battery Life

This new chip from Qualcomm allows for a faster and more a more energy efficient processor. The most noticeable for consumers is the power efficiency of the processor as it reportedly allows 30 percent less consumption of power, meaning you?ll get significantly more battery life from your handset.

Better Camera

Are you irritated by the few seconds delay whenever you take pictures? That?s called shutter lag. According to Qualcomm, the processor can support up to 25 megapixels without shutter lag at all. It can support up to 28 megapixels. For video, it can support up to 4k Ultra HD for capture and playback.

Fingerprint Authentication

Are your sweaty hands preventing your handset from being able to properly authenticate your fingerprint? That?s no longer the case with this new processor. Both sweat, debris, and dirt will not hamper your fingerprint scanning from being accurately detected. The processor also allows the sensor to be placed in almost any part of the phone, may it be placed in metal or glass surfaces.

Improved Graphics

This new processor will benefit those who love gaming on their handsets. The new Adreno 530 included in the processor can enable up to 40 percent more graphical performance than the Adreno 430.


Qualcomm claims that this new processor enables up to 600 Mbps of download speed. Meanwhile, the upload speed can reach up to 150 Mbps.

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