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Snapchat Vs MSQRD: Who Has The Better Filters?

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Facebook has just acquired one of the most popular apps in the Apps Store right now, Masquerade. It looks like Snapchat and MSQRD may be in for a grueling competition to see who has the better and more awesome filters.

Snapchat should be considered the leading app when it comes to live filters and now that MSQRD has teamed up with Facebook, the popular app is looking to tread on ?Snapchat?s ground,? according to TechnoBuffalo.

Snapchat and MSQRD

When it comes to having the best filters, Snapchat may have to be in first place since it may have already worked its way on creating unique ways for people to fool around with. However, TechnoBuffalo shared that Facebook ?could introduce a UI that?s much easier to use? that could become somewhat of a problem for Snapchat.

?At Masquerade, we?ve worked hard to make video more fun and engaging by creating filters that enhance and alter your appearance,? Masquerade said in a blog post. ?Now, we?re excited to join forces with Facebook, we?re going to be able to reach people at a scale like never before.?

The incredible app MSQRD should slowly make its way up to be on par with Snapchat, of course with the help of Facebook. ?Masquerade has built a fantastic app, MSQRD, with world-class imaging technology for video,? a Facebook spokesperson shared with Tech Insider. ?We?re excited to welcome Masquerade to our team and continue enhancing the Facebook experience.?

Who wins?

Snapchat has been a long-trusted app since it was created, but it?s still too early to say if MSQRD has what it takes to keep on par with the amazing features of the competition. Both apps should have quite a heated battle, but as long as they make awesome filter that start the day right, then Snapchat and MSQRD both deserve to be winners.

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