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Snapchat Update: Technical Issues On Christmas Day Ruined Users? Social Media Snaps

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The fastest growing app in the world encountered technical issues on Sunday. The company even confirmed the issue through their official social media account. Snapchat fans have complained that they were not able to refresh their Snapchat feed.

The Snapchat fans were not able to snap their Christmas celebrations as the app was suffering from some technical issue. Snappers even shared their complaints and anger through social media platforms. Let?s discover the entire story.

SnapChat Inc Assured to Solve the Problem

When the fans were facing serious issues for operating the app, Snap Inc has assured to fix the problem as soon as possible. The company exposed its technical issues to the fans and tweeted that, they were working on a fix. The company even helped the snapchatter through its official social media platform.

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Snapchat Issue Faced by Fans

Fans of the innovative messaging app shared their anger and experience on Twitter. With this issue, the snapchat users were not able to refresh their Snapchat feeds. Some fans shared tips to deal with the current technical issue.

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Meanwhile, other fans shared their disappointing encounter with Snapchat. Jessie tweeted that she was annoyed by the Snapchat app, while Cheyenne expressed that her snapchat app crashed her phone and nothing loaded on her feed. One of the users even grieved that his memories saved for the two days were deleted from the app.

While some users shared their disappointment, some suggested solutions to their problem. Mary suggested reinstalling the app for it to work properly. Unfortunately, after a while, she wasn?t able to refresh her feed and everything went haywire again.

Right now the issue has been solved and the snapchatters just couldn?t get enough of the app. Let?s just hope the same unfortunate incident doesn?t happen come New Year?s eve.

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