Glasses Out, Spectacles In; Snapchat Announces First Wearable Device

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Late last week, Snapchat announced its very first hardware or wearable product – the Spectacles. This new device lets users record 10-second videos in real-time without holding aloft a smartphone.

In addition to this, the company is also transitioning to a new name. The company shall now be called Snap, Inc. This is inline with the company?s plans of moving past its Snapchat app and introducing more products in the future.

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According to Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snap Inc., the Spectacles is meant as a supplementary device to its current Snapchat app. The device records ten seconds of video at a time with a push of a button. The button is situated on one of the hinges of the Spectacles. Each 10-second video is then synced to an iPhone or any other smartphone paired with it. The frame format is circular instead of the usual square or rectangle. The Spectacles is equipped with a 115-degree angle lens to better replicate the human vision.

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Snap Inc. has been working on the Spectacles for a few years now. Spiegel started testing the prototype back in 2015. He used it to record one of his vacations from that year. Spiegel?said that reviewing the videos taken by Spectacles later gave him a bit of elation. He also said that looking at the videos is like ?seeing my own memory through my own eyes?.

Snapchat Spectacles

For now, the company?s aim is for people to use Spectacles for fun. Spiegel also suggests using the device as much as possible in normal to extraordinary events like barbecues or outdoor concerts.

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Currently, this new device does not offer anything beyond recording 10-second videos. It does not offer the same functionalities as the now shelved Google Glass. Furthermore, the company is taking a very slow approach on the Spectacles? distribution. When released, it will be offered in limited numbers only for around $130. Spiegel wants to figure out whether this new device from Snap Inc. will ?fit people?s lives?.

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