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Snapchat New Update Asking Users To Pay?

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Looks like Snapchat is getting some bad reactions over their planned premium service.

We have been using Snapchat for quite some time, watching short video messages or sometimes photos, drawings and text to your list of friends, though they may only be visible for a short while. The concept may look unappetizing but once you actually use the app with your friends, it was a really entertaining mode of communication and the app was a hit, with over 700 million photos and video being send every day. Heck even Facebook tried to purchase Snapchat for $3 billion, but they were decline by the Snapchat owners.

Now having a value of over $16 billion earlier this year, things might change as Snapchat is now confident that they now charge their millions of users. Viewing replays of submitted videos may now cost you real money, as for three extra replays will cost around $.99 and 20 extra replays for $4.99. At a first glance on the pricing you would feel that this is really expensive especially if you are an active user of the app. However the replay purchase function is only available for Android users in the US and no word if this is final and if it will be rolled out outside America and to other platforms like the iOS soon.

The owners of Snapchat are hoping that they could generate more revenue as the app does not generate any despite being a popular app in both Android and iOS. However their new revenue generating plans might affect some of their loyal users as getting replays can be expensive, especially when the teenagers are the largest group that uses the app for their everyday interaction. Hopefully Snapchay could reconsider on their micro-transactions and find a much better approach in generating revenue, this could turn out in a different way and might cause them a big drop if it actually happens.

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