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Snapchat Mini TV Series Plot & Release Date; Disney Expands Horizons with Snapchat

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snapchat mini Tv series

Snapchat is expanding its horizons. The company is no longer only a messaging app. It’s growing content platform led?the company to step in the IPO market. Now, the company teamed up with Disney to make a Snapchat Mini TV series.

Snapchat?s media library is growing. Right from articles to TV-like content, the company is continuously trying to produce engaging content for its users. Offering engaging content is the best move to grab huge advertising revenue.

Disney Snapchat Mini TV Series

The Snapchat Mini TV series, which is titled as Watch Party: The Bachelor will hit the screens on January 3, 2017. There are 12 episodes and each will probably be 3 to 5 minutes long. All the episodes will be available for only 24 hours for the audience to view the content. Disney’s television arm will create shows for Snapchat, starting with a The Bachelor recap series.

This is not the first collaboration between Disney and Snapchat. Both companies previously collaborated to curate live stories to broadcast the Academy Awards in February 2016. This deal provided original content for Snapchat and it is the way the app could engage more users and can generate more advertising revenue.

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snapchat mini TV series

Growing Snapchat

The company wanted to offer unique and engaging content for the Snapchat users. This is not the first time that the company has collaborated with other company for unique content. Snapchat even signed a deal with NBC for a TV-like and a voice-like content within the app. The media library of Snapchat is growing and many companies wanted to join the success with Snapchat.

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Besides all these, Snap Inc. even revealed its first hardware product named as spectacles. It is a video recording sunglasses with a whopping investment of $130. With all this investment and collaboration, it is very much clear that the company is planning something pretty big for its future.

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