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Snapchat: It?s Time For A BIG Change

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Snapchat released some new updates recently
Snapchat now has a new tap and view function.

Everyone?s favorite video messaging application, Snapchat, just made a most welcome update in their interface ? no more hold and long press just to watch a video! Hurray for no-stress fingers!

The announcement was made via a blog post in Snapchat?s website, officially making the long press requirement a thing of the past. Replacing the action, Snapchat introduced a simpler tap to view function. The former hold and long press proved to be a hassle to users before as letting go of the screen even for just a second meant that videos are gone forever and can?t be viewed again.

With the simplified process, Snapchatters are more relaxed, and can enjoy their friend?s videos more.

Additional updates

The new function is not the only upgrade that Snapchat shared. The team has also added ?Add Nearby? which is actually an added function to connect with friends when you?re hanging out together. This means that if any of you?re friend also has Add Nearby open, you can simply tap to add him in your list.

Snapcodes is also seen as another function that?s going to fly among Snapchat users. The new feature means that you can add a selfie in the center of your Snapcode to make it easier for your friends to identify you and add you in their own network.

If you see a Snapcode in another app, just take a screenshot. You can add screenshotted Snapcodes through Add Friends.

Last but not the least, Snapchat has recently rolled out two-factor authentication to improve Snapchat security. Once you enable it, ?bad guys? will have a much harder time hacking into your account.

Snapchat popularity

Through the years, Snapchat has definitely become an app of choice in social media, allowing users to be quite creative in sending short video messages. It can be remembered that Facebook tried to buy the video messaging application Snapchat to the tune of $3-billion ? twice. And they failed. Twice. Part of the original plan was to integrate Snapchat and rebrand it as Poke, just like Facebook?s first interactive social button.

Years after the failed negotiations, it seems like the only way to go was for Facebook to create their own Snapchat interface and apply it as a photo uploader feature to technically avoid being accused of copying.

The story was reported on TechCrunch, and it showcased FB?s newest photo features. It showed how a chosen photo, can be edited using existing filters, and be embossed with text overlays that users can actually manipulate in size, colors, and position. A vertical line on top of the photo indicates the slider tool, and can alternate the look of your photo in between filters by just swiping ? very much like Snapchat indeed!

The new photo editing tool however requires the newest version of Facebook on iOS, and may not be available in other regions. A version for Android is still being developed.

The new Snapchat updates however, are now available in both iOS and Android.

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