?Snapchat? App Best New Features: Customized Snapcodes And Unlimited Emojis Available!

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If you ever get tired of overusing your data on your phone then don?t worry, Snapchat has updated its features that will help in your times of great need of saving money. The video sharing app has updated its key properties that focus on saving users a significant amount of mobile data as well as other fun features.

Travel Mode

Version 9.14 of Snapchat will take advantage of Travel Mode, which is a method of preventing snaps from automatically downloading, saving a good amount of data that will save you a lot of money. Travel Mode will let you control your snaps by giving you the choice to see a story only when you tap on it. Turning on Travel Mode is apparently important because a lot of users have noticed that the app takes a sizeable amount of data, according to the Verge.

Sticker Picker

And for those who aren?t imaginative enough to make a creative video, the mobile app has introduced what they call a ?Sticker Picker.? This new feature will allow you to fling endless number of emojis anywhere on your snaps. Why use that single line of text when you can give those emojis to share your rage of over consuming mobile data. An icon on the top right of the screen is where you?ll be picking those emojis that you are used to seeing, shared by the Verge. As for the special Snapchat emojis, they?ll get there eventually.


One more update for our favorite app lets users export their customized Snapcodes as a video file, posted by the Verge. And with the converted video files, sharing it on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram will be easy as pie. ?The option to export a single frame still exists, but you can just as easily screenshot the video and choose the specific frame you want to share,? Sam Sheffer said from the Verge.

The new version of Snapchat is now available on iOS and Android phones, so get downloading and rescue your money.

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