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Snapchat To Add A News Division, Hires Tops CNN Reporter Peter Hamby

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Snapchat hires CNN reporter Peter Hamby.

Snapchat is set to launch a News division and it had just sought the service of CNN?s top political correspondent Peter Hamby.?reportedly appointed him to join the company as its?Head of News services.

Snapchat News Division

On Monday, Politico reported that Hamby will leave the TV network, where he earned the distinction of being one of its best political reporters, to become the messaging service?s Head of News. Snapchat is currently the most popular ?ephemeral? messenger where users share photos, videos, and other content that automatically disappear after a predetermined time.

Hamby, who Mashable describes as ??one of the most visible and digitally savvy politics reporters? around, will work on a feature called Discover, a section within the app dedicated for media organizations like CNN, ESPN, Daily Mail, National Geographic and others to share select news stories and updates. According to Politico, Hamby will be responsible in delivering credible news content to a social-facing organization that aims to pull younger audiences and hopes to broaden its appeal.

In an interview cited by Politico, Hamby said that ?”Snapchat is one of the most exciting young companies in the world. They have a big and growing audience, and we’ve seen Discover is a huge success. Their live stories around big events, around places both here and abroad, the potential to take users to new places ? we can see some application of that with news.”

See how Snapchat?s Discover feature works below.

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Silicon Valley hiring spree

The messaging app?s move to hire another popular name from a different industry reflects Silicon Valley companies??collective effort to expand by exploring various fields. For instance, taxi-hailing app Uber hired David Plouffe, President Obama?s former campaign manager, to run its strategy and lobbying initiative. Hamby is also not the first journalist hired by Snapchat. Late last year, the company recruited Ellis Hamburger, a reporter from The Verge to help launch its journalistic strategies.

On the other hand, CNN confirmed the move, mentioning that Hamby will still remain as a contributor until 2016. The popular news channel is also planning a big overhaul of its own digital team for which they hired Tanzina Vega, a New York Times reporter, along with 40 other journalists.


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