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Snap your cravings and get that spike of detox with a bottle of this apple cider shot

Now you can stay on top of your fitness goals without compromising your health

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Sometimes, we get too invested with our diet and beauty regimen to the point where we forget our overall health. We’re not saying it’s not a good thing to do, but everything needs balance. The care you have for your skin should equal the one you have for your body as a whole. So, let me share one product that will help you boost your general health and experience a lot more benefits.

It’s about time you have it too! Meet Ethan’s Daily Detox, your everyday dose of good health!

What is Ethan’s Daily Detox?
Ethan’s Daily Detox is a new way to boost your immunity and provide you with enough energy for the day’s hustle. A bottle of Ethan’s comes with a shot of apple cider vinegar that primarily aims to detoxify your body and enhance your overall health. Use it in different ways available, and experience a new level of hype.

Why should I use it?

Ethan’s does not only cleanse your body from all intoxication, but it also helps you stop your cravings for food rich in carbs and sugar. Don’t worry, as this product comes with an authentic fruit juice you can taste, leaving your sugar desires on the side. That way, you get to support your diet goals without having to deprive yourself of something your palates will love.

In what ways can I take it? You can use Ethan’s in three different ways:
  • Mix it with your morning drink
  • Add it to your favorite recipe
  • Pour it into your cocktail

Is it safe to use?

Absolutely! Ethan’s Daily Detox does not only create wonders with your health, but it also does it with your safety as a top priority. This brand uses non-toxic and sustainable packaging to ensure you’re taking this apple cider without harm.


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