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Snack World 3DS Game: What To Expect From Level-5’s New Title

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Snack World is the latest 3DS game to come from the minds of acclaimed RPG developer Level-5. The company is responsible for some popular handheld titles like Fantasy Life, Yo-Kai Watch and the Inizuma series. They’re also known for Ni No Kuni and are currently working on the PS4 exclusive sequel Ni No Kuni 2.

Considering how loved those games are, it’s easy to see why fans are excited for their newest 3DS game. However, there is very little known about this RPG, aside from it also being available on smartphones. No release date has been announced either, although Level-5 did release an English dub of the game’s animated short.

What’s Known About Snack World?

The only gameplay footage of Snack World available can be seen here, thanks to NinEverything. As fans can see, its gameplay looks similar to Fantasy Life, at least in terms of camera angles and combat. Unlike Fantasy Life, however, the game looks to be more story-oriented, as the player has a party of allies.

It seems like players will play through the situation in the animated short as they take on Medusa. Not much has been unveiled, though the weapon pen (weapen?) used by the tester could lead to exclusive goodies. Much like Yo-Kai Watch, it looks like there will be plenty of merchandise based on the game, if the weapon means anything.

Is It Worth Snacking On?

Given the quality of Level-5’s other games, this should be a fun game for the 3DS, especially for RPG fans. Those that aren’t a fan of JRPGs might not be interested, but those that are will jump on this. Here is hoping that the game comes out this year, since it looks like the 3DS could be obsolete soon.

Even if it does stay relevant, Snack World looks like a worthwhile title and one that could engross plenty of fans. Those interested in the game can check out the official animated short here, which is charming in its own way. Expect more news when details are released, though it seems like we will be seeing it sometime this year.

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