SMS Encryption For Android: How To Make Your SMS ‘Truly Private’

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Send and receive text messages securely with the user-friendly SMS Encryption app for Android (Image via Google Play)

Communicating through email is a good way of disseminating information within a company, running a business, or keeping in touch with family and friends. However, email conversations can be fragmented and slow that?s why some people rely on SMS ?for fast and convenient correspondence.

With the advent of the information age, technology has brought us not only perks but also perils when it comes to digital communication. Websites are hacked, phones are tapped, and trade secrets are leaked. SMS is not immune to these intrusions so many mobile users are starting to look for ways on how to protect their privacy.

Thankfully, a number of tools and applications are available to help us secure our daily communication, one of them is SMS Encryption. Read on and find out how it works and where you can get it.

Secure SMS exchange

SMS Encryption, currently at version 2.5, is a mobile application for the Android platform that allows you to send encrypted messages. It utilizes the AES algorithm to provide strong and secure encryption. AES is included in the ISO/IEC 18033-3 standard. This app was recently featured in the XDA Developers portal news and has been described as a way for making your messages ?truly private.?

Friendly interface

The app?s interface is easy to navigate. All messages will be encrypted on the sender side and they can only be viewed by the receiving end only if the private key is known. Its developer, PA_Soft, mentioned that users can use different key for sending different private messages. As with any type of technology, SMS Encryption has some limitation. It cannot be set as your default SMS application and it still won?t allow you to delete messages. See how the app?s interface looks like below.

SMS Encryption screenshots (Image courtesy of Google Play)

SMS Encryption screenshots (Image courtesy of Google Play)


How to install SMS Encryption

To start sending secure SMS, head over to the app?s Play Store listing. SMS Encryption is free to download and has a file size of only 1.8MB. If for some reason you?re unable to download it from Google Play, you can get the apk file here so you can sideload it on your Android device.


Photo Credit: ?SMS Encryption – Google Play

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