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YouTubers Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox from Smosh will premier their feature-film ?Smosh The Movie? at Westwood Village Theater, a place that premiered movies such as ?A Star Is Born? and ?Harry Potter?.

?We didn?t plan for any of this to happen,? Padillla told the LA Times. ?I was extremely shy in high school. Ian was pretty funny. But we both weren?t actors,? he said.

Smosh The Movie will be an 83-minute-long film and will feature other YouTubers including Jenna Marbles, Grace Helbig, Harley Morenstein, and Shane Dawson.

The movie is about Padilla stopping an embarrassing video of himself from leaking before the start of their high school reunion as he wishes to look clean so his image wouldn?t be ruined from a high school crush. He convinces Hecox to help him in trying to take down the video from YouTube, but instead of doing it the conventional way, they penetrate YouTube from the inside to alter Padilla’s embarassing video.

?Who better to make a movie about YouTube infamy and then subsequent fame?? Blumberg told LA Times?adding that both characters will stay true to the image they give-off in their YouTube videos.

Smosh The Movie will not be shown in theaters but will instead be available for download on iTunes, Google Play, Vudu, Playstation, M-Go, Nook, Xbox, CinemaNow, Verizon, FiOS, and Comcast Xfinity.

Smosh is owned by Defy Media and the movie was made possible after the company partnered with AwesomenessTV, a DreamWorks-owned YouTube network.?The movie will be shown at VidCon, a three-day event which will start this July 23. Vidcon is an event attended by aspiring digital celebrities as well as established ones.

?We weren?t seeking fame or recognition in any way. It all just came out of nowhere really,? Padilla said when asked by the LA Times about the movie.

Both Padilla and Hecox were just ordinary students years ago as they dived in the lip-sync craze on YouTube before they caught the attention of Barry Blumberg, a former Disney executive who oversaw production of franchises like ?Kim Possible?, and helped them establish the Smosh Brand.

?We didn?t look at the universe as just making videos for YouTube… we looked at it as making videos for YouTube, making content for our website, selling merchandise, engaging and building a social footprint,? Blumberg said.

Smosh reportedly earned $10 million in 2013 with a combination of sales from merchandise, sponsored videos and downloads, ads on their website, and from ads generated on their YouTube channel.

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