Smoothen your skin and make it visibly tighter with this Brazilian beauty secret

This brand does not test its products on animals, so you are free to patronize

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Summer never ends. As long as the sun is up, every day could be summer. You may have wondered how ladies maintain their glowing and unbothered skin despite several exposures to elements. Erase the confusion because we have one solution that’ll surely make you love the sun even more.

Introducing Brazilian Bumbum Cream, your ultimate go-to buddy under the sun!

What is Brazilian Bumbum Cream?

Sol de Janeiro knows what your skin needs when you’re in a summer mood. And while not everyone could afford to leave their skin dehydrated, something has to maintain it. The Brazilian Bumbum Cream is an award-winning beauty secret that will keep your skin as smooth and tighter as it looks. Many ladies are now enjoying the appearance of their skin because of this beauty regimen.

How does it work?

This beauty cream features Cupuaçu Butter that hydrates and delivers fatty acids into the skin. It also comes with Guaraná Extract and Açaí Oil that protects your skin against potential environmental damage. Lastly, this product gives your skin a glowing and healthy look through its Brazil Nut Oil.

Can this have harmful chemical effects?
No! This Brazilian cream is
– Gluten-free
– Vegan-friendly
– Paraben-free; and is
– Sustainably sourced

What essential ingredients does it have?
– Guaraná
– Cupuaçu Butter
– Coconut Oil
– Açaí Oil
– Brazil Nut

Was this product tested on animals?

Sol de Janeiro never tests its products on animals. They care for animal life as you do. So, feel free to use their products with the confidence that all animals are safe in their process while you enjoy a beautifully, glowing skin!