Smite Comes To Xbox: MOBA Continues To Attract Gamers

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Xbox One now has Smite as one of its games
Smite is now available in Xbox One Beta version

The online competitive world of MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena), is clawing its appeal among home-based PC players as one of its carrier games, Smite, recently launched it?s Xbox Beta version.

Created initially for Microsoft Windows by game developer Hi-Rez Studios, the game dubbed as ?The arena of the gods?, was launched as an Xbox game to appeal to casual gamers all over the world.

The Xbox version makes use of similar plotlines: Mythological gods and minions battling against other teams, creating a familiar arena for those playing on PC.

According to a report, the Xbox Smite?s new mode, Arena, depicts an oval-like grounds, replacing the MOBA version of using traditional lanes. Here, players can battle and complete their missions.

Novice players have the option to automatically purchase the best abilities and upgrades rather than select them manually.?These points of difference make the game a rather successful leap from PCs to consoles.

“The third-person view player movement just feels right with a controller, so that part was easy. It was a challenge mapping the abilities, actives and?consumables?from a keyboard to buttons on the controller, ” said Andy Anderson, lead producer of Smite?s Xbox version.

The game, available for free in all Xbox One consoles, is actually the first PC game that?s being seen to make a smooth crossover to the world of couch gamers.

PC to Mainstream

The introduction of Smite in Xbox One is being regarded as a continuous effort to blur the lines of different gamers playing on various platforms. MOBA has grown an impressive audience through the years, firmly establishing the excitement and appeal of online competitions.

For the newbie enthusiasts, MOBA was a very effective way to engage game enthusiasts by broadcasting games via a lively spectacle. MOBAs are considered quite exciting, seeing for themselves the exceptional talent of gamers, and at times getting insights on strategies. This is also a more exciting way for solo gamers to team-up with the best ones they?ve known only online.

The prize is also a major consideration in these games, as money pools can go up to as much as $11-Million.

Continuing to lord over the MOBA arena are League of Legends, Dota 2 (which basically started the MOBA?phenomenon), Vainglory, and of course, Smite.

MOBA games are not the only one that?s trying to do the crossover.

Mainstream games are also organizing their own MOBA-like competitions such as Heroes of Storm by the makers of World of Warcraft, Blizzard; and Battleborn by Borderlands maker, Gearbox.

Online gaming is said to attract as much as 900,000 people to play and watch ongoing games via sites like Twitch, making MOBA a different kind of spectator sport.

Big in Australia

The launch of Smite in Xbox One in Australia has prompted the game makers to create dedicated channels that will benefit gamers from down under. Starting next week, Australians will actually enjoy exclusive Australian servers that are expected to make individuals play better, and reach out to local participants.

The game is said to have been really big among Australian players, that one of Smite?s mythological gods, He Bo, transforms into a surfer-warrior god from Sydney. Adam?Mierzejewski, who produces eSports content for Hi-Rez, shared that the Oceania Pro League?competition opens the opportunity for the best Aussie PC team to get to the?Smite?world championships in 2016. The championship has the third-biggest prize pool of any MOBA tournament.

“There’s also an Australian amateur scene which teams can compete in and eventually get to play against teams in the pro league to try and earn a spot [at the world championships],” Mierzejewski said.

Xbox players can play Smite like PC players online with the use of Kinect camera, and is expected to create the same kind of lounge environment that PC players enjoy.

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