Smite Announced By Sony for the PS4, First Major MOBA Coming To The PS4

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For all the MOBA fans on the PS4, there?s some real good news. Smite, the multiplayer battle arena, an Xbox exclusive before, has been announced for the PS4 by Sony in a blog post.

This is big news as it is the first arrival of a big MOBA release on Sony?s console. Although the game will first come as a closed beta, It is expected to for a full release very soon. Interested players can sign up for the closed beta for Smite on their website.

Smite is not a tradition MOBA by any means. It offers a third person view in comparison to the top-down view preferred by traditional MOBA?s like League of Legends and Dota. The game has around 14 million players and features a deep roster of over 70 unique gods to master. The action is intense and filled with unique characters trying to use their abilities to gain an edge on the battlefield.

The developer, Hi-Rez Studios launched the game in 2013. Since then, the game has added many new characters and has only increased its share in the highly competitive MOBA scene we have today in 2016. Of course, the leaders League of Legends and Dota community is more competitive, probably because their world-cup is the biggest E-sports event in the world, with an even larger amount of cash prize for the taking. But Smite has its charms; the game is a different take on the genre and features a camera view that draws players closer to the action. Hi-Rez?s game is also the first big MOBA heading to the Playstation.

Smite is and always will be free to play, with all its game modes and five free gods to explore the different mechanics and understand the game. Moreover, there?s always some new character to explore as the free-rotation of the Champions keep the choices fresh. The gods can be unlocked by Favor or Gems.

A Founder?s Pack is available in the store at $29.99 dollars and it features an extra skin, unlocks all current and future gods to be introduced to Smite and also gives the player 400 Gems to spend in the store. The Founder?s Pack also ensures you get access to the game?s beta, which will be starting soon.

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