Smelly armpits should be taken care of, but our planet needs saving from non bio trash, too

Cool and refresh your armpits while reducing your carbon footprint with these aluminum-free deodorants

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As a consumer, it is hard to find a reliable and sustainable brand that will help you lessen your ecological footprint, especially in the beauty industry. Although branding is extremely important to gain exposure and visibility, it’s also essential to look at how much waste your products leave in our environment.

Papr Cosmetics knows this, so they created aluminum-free deodorants and put them in sustainable packaging.

PÂPR Cosmetics creates eco-friendly, clean, and vegan deodorants for both men and women in hopes of providing effective yet safe deodorants while also taking into account their products’ impact on the planet. They use only natural ingredients and ensure that all products are in sustainable packaging.

The brand is born with a vision to reduce overall consumption and waste within the beauty industry. Their products are available for both men and women to use, unlike most deos designed specifically for one gender.


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The brand believes you don’t have to use strong chemicals as ingredients to be effective. Their deodorants are safe for the planet as it is aluminum-free, paraben-free, and non-toxic, and your body as it contains safe, vegan and natural ingredients beneficial to your skin. It boasts no cholesterol, no fiber, traces of vitamins, minerals, and plant sterols.

These plant sterols are essential components of the deodorant because it has a chemical form that imitates blood cholesterol and helps to block the absorption of cholesterol in the body.

Why choose PÂPR Deodorants?

What we like most about these deos is it doesn’t bore you with lecturing about sustainability and what’s good for your body. But it also delights our armpits with wonderful scents that are surely loved by many;
  • BRIGHT SHINY MORNING Fresh, crisp, and citrusy. Think fresh morning breeze in a dewy citrus grove on a clear summer day. A full-bodied, pure scent, anytime and anywhere.
  • SO HOT RIGHT NOW It smells like rich powdery musks, subtle ylang ylang, with a slight hint of sandalwood & patchouli.
  • FROM DUSK TILL DAWN As a clear, sunny morning on the coast, think of the Italian Riviera on a warm summer night. There are hints of a citrus grove and light, elegant notes of mildly spicy bergamot.
  • COASTAL FORESTS Slightly woody notes of expensive Cedarwood with a base note of freshly cut Cypress perfectly rounded off with a hint of mildly spicy Italian bergamot.
  • SENSITIVE – BARE NAKED Unscented, completely natural, clean. No fragrance, no baking soda or essential oils added – no rashes, no worries, just a clean, natural smell.

Aside from their amazing efforts in marketing, PÂPR Cosmetics makes it a goal to pitch in with conservation efforts. According to their website, they pledge 1% of their profit annually to the Archangel mission, supporting the replantation of more Redwood and Sequoia trees.

PÂPR Cosmetics may be another vegan deodorant in the market, but the brand makes it easy for everyone to take action in helping the planet while also protecting and taking care of their hygiene and well-being.


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