?Smart? Toothbrush to Track Brushing Habits

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A French company has introduced the Kolibree Toothbrush, which, according to them is ?the world?s first connected electric toothbrush,? this week at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The device hopes to promote good oral hygiene and brushing techniques to its users, especially children.

This toothbrush syncs wirelessly with a smartphone to track and grade the user?s brushing habits. It will tell you whether you have brushed thoroughly enough and reward you for good oral hygiene. It can even be synced with your social media accounts and automatically post there your ?brushing information.? It can even share it with your dentist.


This device will cost about $99 to $200, depending on the model to be bought. Its target availability is summer.

“It works just like a regular toothbrush,” said Kolibree spokesperson Renee Blodgett. “The only difference is that all the data is stored on your phone so you can see how you’re brushing.”

There are several steps to use this toothbrush. First, the user must download a mobile app and connect via Bluetooth. The Kolibree will document every brushing session. It will use three sensors that record (1) how long you brush, (2) whether you brush all four quadrants of your mouth, and (3) whether you brush up and down instead of just side to side.


The data will automatically be synced to your smartphone, whether it is an Android device or an iPhone. The Kolibree app will use charts to determine your progress and give scores of your brushing techniques. This, of course, will encourage you and your children to improve your brushing habits. The brushing information also will be available via an API to let third-party game designers create new apps for the Kolibree system.

The creation of the Kolibree toothbrush was a rather funny story. The inventor, Thomas Serval, a French engineer, was inspired to design and create it after suspecting that his own children were lying to him about whether they had brushed their teeth.


However, the Kolibree toothbrush is not the first ?smart? toothbrush on the market. The Beam Brush went on sale over a year ago. It can also connect to phones using Bluetooth and record brushing time, but it cannot track the brush?s movement in the month, unlike the Kolibree toothbrush.


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