Smart Hospitals? – Seoul’s Bundang Hospital Leads The Way

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7-10BizideasSmart Hospitals? – Seoul’s Bundang Hospital Leads The Way

(Here is Part 7 of our ongoing series on ? 10 Great Tech Business Ideas For 2014?. For those who missed Parts 1 – 6 , please see below for the links. – Editor)

Yesterday, we featured devices that would help a lot of homeowners transform their ordinary homes to ?smart? ones (For those who missed it, here is the link for Part 6 : Plugaway & digitalSTROM Make Smart Homes Possible for All. – )

Today, we go to an industry that is neck deep in high level technology but somehow has come short in providing its customers with the ?smart? benefits that come with this day and age ? the healthcare or hospital industry.

Most technological applications in hospitals are of course focused on treatments and diagnostic equipment and procedure. But with today’s technological advances, especially the presence of the internet in our everyday lives, hospitals have been remiss in utilizing this digital science in providing patients and customers a more ideal hospital experience.

But, there is hope after all.

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Video: Seoul National University Bundang’s Smart Hospital Opens ( Arirang News / YouTube)


Bundang Hospital of Seoul National University in South Korea has begun to initiate the advancement of the ?smart hospital? concept by offering medical services through mobile phones.

The hospital has released its own app they call a Patient Guide that contains, manages and delivers information about a patient’s appointments, costs, and even the approximate waiting time in a doctor’s waiting area. And they do this ?on-demand?.

They are also utilizing RFID technology by enabling tags used by patients to contain medical information for doctors’ use ( no more mis-reading of charts?). The RFID tags also contain such personalized information as the patients’ preferences for entertainment during their stay in the hospital.

The developers behind the Bundang Hospital system said that this kind of technology gives us a peek to the kind of consumer technology that will be expected in the near future, not only from the healthcare industry but in government offices as well.


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