More “Smart Cars” to Come in 2014

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According to the world?s top car bosses and experts, internet in your car will be possible and about to become a norm in 2014.

Several car companies are about to release new models of vehicles which will feature in-vehicle connectivity. These new sets of vehicles will make it easier to listen to the radio, download car fixes, get social media updates and connect to the internet. Cars from several automakers have had online connectivity for years now by syncing up a smart phone and using its data plan. But this 2014, 4G LTE will be available for automobiles. Yes, faster connection for our drivers out there.


The?operative word in this new service is ?infotainment.? This word describes the connected car as a whole. Most car executives now believe that ?infotainment? is nearly as important as car safety.

General Motors is one of the first few car companies to announce that it will be launching a new set of vehicles with an ?infotainment? feature ? the 2015 Chevrolet Models. These vehicles will be pre-installed with a set of web apps for the owner?s convenience. It will also be able to download more apps in the future. Some of the apps include The Weather Channel and a car diagnostics tool called Vehicle Health.


Audi, on the other hand, plans to introduce 4G LTE in its A3 line this year. Once installed, drivers can conveniently check their Twitter and Facebook accounts and hear the latest news out loud.

Some consumers are concerned that connection inside vehicles might be dangerous distractions for the drivers. Although there are obvious dangers, these ?smart cars,? as car companies call, also make every drive safer. Automakers are bound to issue downloadable updates on cars that will improve car functionality. This step will eventually lead to more self-driving cars.


At present, there are already apps that help drivers find parking space for their cars and show local petrol stations and their prices. This business has already started and about to grow bigger in the years to come. Machina Research says that by 2020, 20% of the value of new connected vehicles will be able to be attributed to ?connected life.?

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