Smaller iPad Pro Meant For Consumers Who Find Big Screen Cumbersome

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When the iPad Pro was released in November of last year, many consumers were excited and intrigued with the brand new device from the Apple iPad line. While the reception for the product was okay, one thing that many users commented about the product was its size. With a 12.9-inch screen, many people found the product to be very bulky and inconvenient to carry.

Fast forward to 2016 and Apple is expected to make yet another announcement regarding the iPad line. This time, a brand new 9.7-inch iPad Pro is said to be the product which the Cuptertine-based tech giant is planning to unveil. While early reports had the upcoming iPad to be a new generation of the iPad Air, 9to5Mac has reported that the 9.7-inch iPad which Apple is planning to release next is indeed the iPad Pro.

The move by Apple to release a smaller version of the iPad Pro may come as a surprise but it is certainly not unprecedented. Apple has listened to the voices of?users and will finally try to pack the same specs and features into a smaller device which users will be able to enjoy. The 9.7-inch display of the upcoming iPad?will surely appeal to users who have no need for an extremely large screen but would want their tablet to be loaded with amazing features.

According to ZDNet, the upcoming iPad Pro is reportedly going to have a 12 megapixel rear camera which can record 4K quality videos. The smaller iPad Pro will also have Apple Pencil capability and will be compatible with a Smart Keyboard thanks to its Smart Connector.

All in all, a 9.7-inch iPad Pro is very intriguing and will certainly be a device that many iPad users will want to get their hands on. Expect more news and updates about the iPad Pro as well as more Apple products as their March 21st media event comes closer.

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