Slingshot Update: Facebook’s Snapchat Competitor Now Has The My People Tab and Unlimited Reactions

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Slingshot app from Facebook receives first update since its launch

Slingshot app from Facebook receives first update since its launch.

Facebook has updated its own ephemeral messaging app Slingshot to version 1.1. This update brings new features such as the My People tab and a new way for users to exchange reactions ? ?they would no longer be required to send a photo or video reply to view an incoming message.

Slingshot, for those who haven?t heard, is Facebook?s home-grown photo-sharing slash messaging app that allows users to send self-destructing multimedia messages. In one way or another, it attempts to leverage on the massive userbase of Snapchat, the current major player in the ephemeral messaging world.

Facebook had previously tried to acquire Snapchat but failed. Afterwards, the social media titan launched their own Snapchat rival called Poke, which was unsuccessful and had been discontinued after a few months.Their second attempt is Slingshot, which is yet to reach the level of user appreciation that Snapchat is currently enjoying.

This Slingshot update is expected to entice more users since they are no longer obliged to unlock a new message by replying with another photo. In a way, a reaction is still necessary because a new ?sling? can now be unlocked only by a text message. Previously, it must be a photo or video reply. Another major change that version 1.1 will bring is the new My People tab. This feature helps to streamline the app?s user experience by putting all of a user?s friends in one list, both from the user?s phone contacts and Facebook friends.

This is the full changelog that Slingshot version 1.1 will carry over:

? More reactions! Respond to any reaction with a photo, video or text

? Use the new My People tab to see everyone in one place

? Find your Facebook friends and phone contacts more easily

? Shoot crisp, clear videos even faster than before

? Improved reliability for sign-up confirmation codes

? Plus, a bunch of bug fixes and other tweaks to keep things running smoothly

So if this update did tickle your curiosity, you can download the Android version of Slingshot here, and the iOS version here.


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