“Sleepy Hollow” : Don’t Lose Your Head!

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By Wilson MoralesIchabod Crane has come a long, long way. Not just from being the cowardly schoolmaster in Washington Irving?s original 1820 short story or Johnny Depp?s timid police constable in Tim Burton?s popular 1999 retelling. In the latest incarnation of Sleepy Hollow, turncoat revolutionary soldier Ichabod Crane has actually magically awakened over 200 years into the future after falling to his death in the frontlines.

Resurrected in modern day, Crane?s soul was magically linked to that of the Headless Horseman, when their blood comingled in the battlefield where he beheaded the Hessian soldier. By Sleepy Hollow 2Revealed to be Death, one of the legendary Horsemen of the Apocalypse, the Headless Horseman was summoned back from the grave by a mysterious unknown party. Both awoke from their centuries-long hibernation at the same time, in present-day Sleepy Hollow, New York.

Feisty police officer Abbie Mills was slated to transfer to the FBI when her friend and mentor, Sheriff Corbin, was beheaded by the Horseman. Death and other peculiar circumstances bring Crane and Mills together as they both track down the mysterious headless killer, creating an odd couple destined for a far greater fate than either of them had intended for themselves. They discover that they were both preordained to carry out a shared mission of Biblical proportion. As Witnesses, they are destined to battle the forces of evil for seven years and stave off what is known as the End Of Days.

Forces Of DarknessProphecies, demons, covens, faith, sin eaters, golems, witches, visions, Purgatory, freemasons, talismans and history. These are the building blocks which make Sleepy Hollow one of the most intriguing, engaging and rivetingly suspenseful new television shows of 2013. From the jaunty pilot?s opening scenes and every single frame thereafter, this show has been a rollicking fun ride! Fueled by a frenetic, thumping orchestral score, snappy editing, zippy dialogue and just brilliant performances all around, each hour moves by so quickly, you just can?t get enough of it!

Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie are simply magnificent, as they feed off each other in every scene. By Essence OnlineAs a man out of time, Mison plays Crane?s fish out of water routine just enough to keep the character fresh and amusing, without overstepping the humor or making it ridiculous. Kudos to the writers for keeping Crane?s antics believably antiquated yet easily relatable. And Beharie brings Mills just enough modern nonchalance and spunk to balance out her partner?s stiff proper Britishness. Both characters have their own little quirks which can be quite hilarious when viewed from the other side.

The mythology of the show is American history seen through supernatural eyes. It presupposes that George Washington led more than a revolt for freedom. He was leading a war against the forces of evil. Drawing from biblical sources, historical fact and supernatural lore, Sleepy Hollow has a peculiar storytelling style, casting either a political view of supernatural phenomena or creating a paranormal backdrop for a historical event. Thus, coloring what we know as history in a more interesting light and shade.

By Fox Espana TVFOX TV has scored yet another major hit with Sleepy Hollow. Much to many fans? delight, the show has already been confirmed to return for a second season. As it winds down on its freshman year, it goes back on air this January 13, for a demon possession story, paving the way for its epic two-hour season finale on January 20, 2014. And despite all the online buzz and fan speculation on podcasts and message boards all over, people behind the show still insist that absolutely no one has guessed correctly what?s in store for the epic finale. What do you think? Whose head will roll? 🙂

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