Sleeper Simulant: How To Get The Exotic Weapon In Destiny

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Millions of hours have been spent by players in Destiny as they tried to figure out how to get the Sleeper Simulant. The Sleeper Simulant, an exotic fusion rifle, has now been acquired by numerous players and here?s how you can also get it courtesy of Tech Times.

Destiny: How To Get Sleeper Simulant

Getting this exotic weapon is a chore because you need to grind to get the required parts. You?ll also have to finish several missions. Here is the step-by-step list so you don?t miss from doing the requirements:

  1. Acquire four fusion rifle relics by defeating numerous majors and ultra level enemies.
  2. Go to the Gunsmith to receive the First Firewall quest.
  3. Defeat waves of the Taken and Hive enemies until a boss appears. Defeat him to receive a relic called ?Curious Transceiver?.
  4. Input the following passwords which represent the pattern on how each wave of the Taken and Hive appeared.
  • Code 1: HTHHTTTHT
  • Code 2: HTHHTTHH
  • Code 3: HTTTHTTTHH
  • Code 4: HTHTHTHH
  1. Successfully putting the correct code grants you a mission called Shadow Call.
  2. Finish the Shadow Call mission to receive an item called ?Ikelios Fusion Core?.
  3. Activate the five nodes of your newly received item by doing the following.
  • Ionized Shell Harmonics – Beat the Archives mission on Venus
  • Heavy Power Coupling – Dismantle a legendary/exotic heavy weapon
  • Plasma Confinement Control Module 1 – Do the Warsat public event on Earth
  • Plasma Confinement Control Module 2 – Do the Warsat public event on the Moon
  • Plasma Confinement Control Module 3 – Do the Warsat public event on Mars
  1. Go to the Gunsmith once you have accomplished the requirements to receive a quest called ?The Sleeper Stirs?.
  2. Defeat the final boss during the ?The Sleeper Stirs? mission to receive an item called ?Sleeper Simulant Weapon Frame?.
  3. Go to the Gunsmith and surrender to him the item to receive the Sleeper Simulant.

You might be wondering if doing all of these things is worth it. The weapon sounds and feels like an impactful laser weapon with a 290 attack and maxed-out Impact stat. The weapon also allows you to ricochet your shots, although, ammo is limited like a rocket launcher. Check out Arekkz Gaming?s review of the weapon below to see if doing all the absurd requirements are worth it.

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