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Sleep your way to a more beautiful, glowing skin with this recovery sleep mask

There’s no better way to get true “beauty sleep” than this

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Keeping your skin healthy and glowing is no easy feat and this is why we try all sorts of skincare products left and right and practice all kinds of beauty regimen. But if there’s one crucial thing you should never forget when it comes to skincare, it’s your beauty sleep.

Quality sleep is vital to your skin’s health and beauty. And because your skin deserves some extra TLC, you also need to elevate your “beauty rest” by letting your skin recharge while you sleep – all with the magic of this Recovery Sleep Mask from Skin Inc.

Skin Inc My Nightly Dose is a custom recovery sleep mask that actually works! All you need to do is to leave it on your skin while you take a long and deep slumber and wake up looking your best in your best-looking skin!

So, how does it work? My Nightly Dose is formulated to address your skin’s unique needs. It uses 17 active ingredients working synergistically to accelerate overnight skin repair. It also provides 24-hour hydration which improves skin elasticity and reduces appearance of lines and wrinkles and is synced with your skin’s overnight recovery cycle to restore your skin barrier.

The first step is to decode your skin with this simple 3-minute Skin Identity Check to identify the 1 Base (Cream / Gel) and 2 Serum Booster Shots (Age-Proof / Clarify / Detox / Glow / Soothe) best suited for your skin. Once you have your mix, follow these easy steps!

Step 1: Inject 2 Serum Booster Shots to the base.

Step 2: Screw pump onto Custom Recovery Sleep Mask bottle.

Step 3: Shake well and mix evenly.

Step 4: Pump out Your Nightly Dose™ and apply evenly onto the face.

Getting your skin to recover rapidly has never been easier and more effective with My Nightly Dose. If you want to wake up to a glowing, healthier skin, this nightly beauty regimen is something you shouldn’t miss.

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