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Sleep better and live better with the help of this adjustable bed frame made with massage technology

With this adjustable base, you’ll finally be able to experience the truest essence of relaxation

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The importance of a good night’s sleep cannot be overemphasized and if you’re someone who values getting adequate rest, you should know that your bed frame is just as important as your mattress. That’s right! The base of your bed plays a significant role in helping you get the ultimate relaxation you need.
Because not all bed frames are created the same, it’s imperative to find the one that does not only meet your needs, but something that will go above and beyond to provide you with what you deserve. And that’s something you can only get from Spoon Sleep 900 Adjustable Base.

Spoon Sleep 900 Adjustable Base is designed to let you experience the real essence of relaxation. With this bed frame, you can conveniently adjust its head and foot according to your comfort and preference.

But not only that. This adjustable base isn’t like your typical bed frame. It definitely takes sleep and comfort to a whole new level because it is made with massage technology, independent head and foot controls, a whisper-quiet motor, three intensity levels, and a massage timer. All of these you can achieve and experience with a simple press of a button on the remote.

Highlighted features:

  • Head and foot adjustability.
  • 3D-Wave™ massage technology with independent head and foot controls, three intensity levels, and timer
  • LED night light to guide your way
  • Whisper-quiet lift system
    710 lb. weight limit (includes mattress)
  • Easy-click single center retainer bar to secure mattress
  • Automatic safety stop upon weight overload
  • Power-down feature in the event of power loss
Bed frames come in different shapes and sizes but if you’re looking for the one that can do everything for you when it comes to comfort, sleep and relaxation, be sure to go with the best. After all, no one should skimp on a good, quality sleep!