Skywind: New Elder Scrolls Game About to be Released

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With the success of the Elder Scrolls Series, it is not a surprise if fans create a copy of the game. Though they might face some legal issues, there is no stopping it. They will create a remake for The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind as Skywind. They call this operation as The Elder Scrolls Renewal Project.

Technically, they are doing the remake of The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind using The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim?s engine. That is where they got the name ?Skywind?. ?Considering all the mods and stuff that they have been doing for the past years, it is not impossible for them to create an entire game based from the same engine. The only problem that they will get is Bethesda?s approval.

According to sources, The Elder Scrolls Renewal Project will be having a major update. Sadly, they did not reveal any information regarding the release date of the alpha test for the Skywind. The skyrim community did not mention any specifics at this point and just left a statement regarding their upcoming project:

“It will be revealed in time exactly what a public developer release is.”

It is true that they will have some difficulties in getting Bethesda?s approval for?this project, but they assure players that they will have it soon so that they can set a release date for the game.

Meanwhile, you can check the trailer for the upcoming Skywind.

Fans were really doing great…. not only are there more than 70 developers in the team, but they are also talented. The development team were seeking volunteers to rewrite some of the dialogues from Morrowind and voice actors with suitable equipment and exceptional talent?last April. Volunteer composers have also created two hours of original music to fit in with Skywind?s soundtrack.

There are lots of things going on and expect it to be big by the time it is released. For upcoming updates and info regarding the project, you can check out the Elder Scrolls Renewal Project site




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