Skyrim VR: The Best Moments To Relive In Virtual Reality

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Skyrim Special Edition Patch 1.3

It seems like Bethesda can’t help re-releasing Elder Scrolls 5. In the recent E3, the company revealed the latest step of the Dragonborn. The game is going to be compatible with virtual reality headsets and everyone is excited for it. Skyrim VR is setting up to be an exciting new take on a very familiar adventure.

Skyrim VR is exciting for a lot of reasons and it’s a neat treat from Bethesda. For starters, Skyrim is an excellent game and is perhaps the best entry in the series. Another reason is that it’s an epic adventure with sights to behold. When it launches, there are quite a few moments that’s best relived in VR.

The Opening

Who could forget being ‘saved’ by Alduin in Helgen? The opening of Skyrim sets up the epic adventure by introducing World Eater Alduin up close and personal. It would be epic seeing Alduin spewing his flames over Helgen.

The Journey To The Top

Before learning his shouts, the Dragonborn is first tasked with seeking out the Greybeards. The Greybeards aren’t the sight to behold but it’s the epic journey to their hideout. The Greybeards’ home lies atop the highest point in Skyrim, also called as the Throat of the World. We can’t imagine how it would be like being at the highest point, but we’re expecting great views.

The Civil War

There are several questlines in Skyrim, one of which is the war between the Stormcloaks and the Imperial Legion. The conclusion of the questline is an epic battle for Solitude between the two factions and seeing this battle unfold before our eyes will be amazing.


Perhaps the most beautiful area in the game is Sovngarde which serves as the area for the Dragonborn and Alduin’s final battle. The final battle is amazing in itself but the beautifully made Sovngarde and Hall of Valor are the stars of the show.

Fun Things

Setting seriousness aside, there quite a few fun things to do in Skyrim. Almost every player has probably quick saved only to cause havoc in Whiterun. Chaos ensues when the player begins attacking NPCs and we bet it’s fun to do in VR as well.

Another exciting moment to enjoy in Skyrim VR is getting launched to the skies with the swing of a Giant’s weapon.

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