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Skyrim Special Edition Update 1.3 Soon? Update 1.2 Brought More Issues?

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Skyrim Special Edition Update 1.3

When Bethesda launched update 1.1 for Skyrim Special Edition, it brought numerous issues which rendered the game unplayable. Fortunately, the 1.2 update is here to fix more than the crash issues. However, did it fix everything? When will the Skyrim Special Edition Update 1.3 arrive?.

It is widely known that the 1.1 update caused crashes on all platforms. Fortunately, Skyrim Special Edition Update 1.2 fixed the following issues, including the infamous crash bug:

  • General bug fixing and browsing mods improvements
  • Crash issue fixed related to reloading after altering load order of mods
  • Crash issue fixed related to transforming to human form from Werewolf
  • Fixed the issue where water flow isn?t being rendered properly
  • Fixed the issue related to Alt+tab while playing
  • Further general stability and performance improvements

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As can be seen, the latest update is focused on performance and fixing numerous crashes and issues. However, Bethesda didn?t specify that this update deals specifically with all of update 1.1?s issues.

Skyrim Special Edition Update 1.3

Skyrim Special Edition Update 1.3 Arriving Soon?

Recently, there have been massive reports regarding the game not being playable due to crashes. Unfortunately, this issue isn?t isolated to one system; it?s actually present on all platforms. At present time, Bethesda has yet to announce if the 1.2 update is here to fix that.

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In fact, there?s still no word yet on when a fix will arrive or if there?s any workaround. In that case, update 1.3 should be the one to polish the game. However, when will it arrive?

More Issues Thanks To Update 1.2

Furthermore, update 1.2 had just arrived on PC while Xbox One users are expecting it sometime later this week. On the other hand, it appears that update 1.2 also brings some issues.

According to early reports, update 1.2 caused more issues than fixing the previous ones. It includes graphic problems, more crashes, screen resolution problems, FPS issues, freezes, game saves and more.

In that case, players are going to be on their own until update 1.3 arrives. Presently, Bethesda has yet to announce when they will release the Skyrim Special Edition update 1.3. Hence, all problems and issues should be immediately reported to them which could possibly help them in releasing the next update soon.

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