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Skyrim Remastered Xbox One Update Live! Can’t Download Latest Patch? Here’s How

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Skyrim Remastered

The Skyrim Remastered Xbox One update is now live, but those who tried to download the update are facing issues. Players are not able to download the update on the console, and to assist players, the Xbox Support team asked fans to update their console system. Despite using the latest system update version, the Skyrim Special Edition update on Xbox One is not working for many.

The update 1.2 has already been criticized on PC and PS4 as it brings a lot of in-game problems related to stability, frame-rate and graphics. Now that the update is live on the Xbox One, it seems that it has started causing issues on the Xbox One as well. Bethesda has announced that the update is live and it has fixed many gameplay issues related to performance and features.

The official patch notes released by the developer suggest that players will now be able to change from werewolf to human without crashing the game. The path details also confirm that the game will be more stable, but fans? response on Twitter states that story they cannot even download the Skyrim Remastered Xbox One update.

Both Microsoft and Bethesda have suggested multiple tricks to get the game working on the console. According to the companies, updating the system console and rebooting it will solve the problem. Microsoft also suggested that reinstalling the application will work, but fans say that they have tried all these methods suggested by the companies and none of them works.

On the other hand, there are players who say that these methods have worked for them and they have successfully installed the latest Skyrim Remastered Xbox One update. As there are already talks about the Skyrim Special Edition update 1.3, it is possible that the developer might bring another update to fix the issues that occurred after the recent update.

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