Skyrim Remastered: Is The Special Edition Worth It?

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Skyrim Remaster

Like it or not, remasters have become an accepted part of this generation?s gaming calendar. This October, the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will become the latest high profile game to receive the remaster treatment. Will all the new bells and whistles being added by Bethesda justify Skyrim Remastered?s $60 price tag? Let?s analyze the details to find out.

PC Players get it For Free

The entire concept of a remaster is usually geared toward consoles, and this new updated Skyrim is no different. Most of the features coming to Skyrim Remastered such as mod support, improved visuals, and a higher framerate are?already present?on the original PC version. Bethesda knows this and is making sure PC players won?t have to shell out twice. If you already own Skyrim and all of its DLC on PC, you will get a free upgrade to the remastered edition when it releases.

Is it enough for Console Players?

If you?re playing on a console, then the new additions become a little more exciting. The original console version of Skyrim was notorious for its poor performance on the PlayStation 3 (remember the 5MB save file glitch?) and wasn?t exactly a stunner on the Xbox 360 either.

In terms of content, you already know what you?re getting. The base game and its three expansions: Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn will give you hundreds of hours of gameplay. The $60 asking price is honestly quite steep for a five year old title, but there are very few current-gen games that offer the gameplay-per-dollar value proposition Skyrim does.

Mod support is obviously the main draw of Skyrim Remastered on consoles. Similar to Fallout 4, mods for the Skyrim Special Edition will have some limitations on consoles. Don?t expect to see any script extenders or other major overhauls make their way onto the PS4 or Xbox One anytime soon. Regardless, there?s still plenty you can do with Skyrim console mods and we look forward to seeing what the community thinks up.

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